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kitesurfing in Sardinia

Sardinia as well as being famous for its beautiful beaches, its history and wild nature, is also a popular destination for all sorts of wind and all sailing sports, including super popular in recent years Kitesurf.

Thanks to its geographical position, in the middle of the western Mediterranean, the island is constantly beaten by the wind, especially the winds of Scirocco (south-east) and the Mistral (north-west) in all seasons, which make it the paradise for kitesurfing.

In the north of Sardinia, a particularly evocative and fascinating spot, as well as windy, is certainly the Cinta beach in San Teodoro. The beach of Cinta is a beach is particularly suitable for kites due to its extension (almost 5 km) and its width, which facilitates the take off and landing of kites, especially for beginners. The Kite area is located in the middle of the beach, in an area with little traffic by the swimmers even in the month of August.

The sea is fantastic and emerald colors, for this reason it has been incorporated into the Protected Marine Area of ​​Tavolara (AMP Tavolara).

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