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The Hydrofoil

Hydrofoil Kiteboarding, Foilboarding, Kite Foiling, refers to a single discipline, defined by many as the fast class of Kite, a discipline that has had a dizzying growth in the past few years.

Hydrofoil technology was born in 1906 by the Italian inventor, Enrico Forlanini, to then take on a more playful aspect around the 1950s.

Hydrofoil consists of two wings or flaps placed one behind and one in front of the table, used as stabilizers that allow you to have an area of high or low pressure on the wing. It works with the same principles as the wings of an airplane, in fact the wings are formed to divert water pressure downwards.

It no longer slips on the surface of the water as before but at a height of about 80 cm.

In particular, the Hydrofoil allows to considerably reduce the friction on the surface of the water, decreasing the noise and substantially increasing the speed, which normally exceeds the maximum speed of a normal Kite by at least 20 knots.
The maneuverability and the feeling with the rider are revolutionized, making it easier to use even by a less expert user.

The particular yield of the Hydrofoil allows a better use even in light wind conditions, even exceeding 3 times the wind speed, with a remarkable silence compared to the Kiteboard cousin.

Many ex-Kiters have therefore let themselves be carried away by the charm of this new discipline, which is spreading all over the world. Another fantastic way to experience the sea and your passion for sport.

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